preamp for bryston aad 2001 combo

hi, does anyone have a idea on preamp for bryston and aad 2001 combo. speaker is a little bright.
A little more info would help - which amp are you using? what front end electronics? Do you spin vinyl?
Hi, I'm on a different comp now but I asked the first question.

I've got AAD 2001 speakers/stands
Bryston 4B-ST

Those two are the definite components that aren't open for change any time soon. I probably won't change my cd player either, a Sony. My current preamp is definitely my weakest link. I'm wanting to take a little of the brightness off the sound and enrich the midrange, but just a touch on both. I'm not really looking to get into tubes. I'm thinking maybe a Plinius, ARC, or Conrad preamp, but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
Tubes, tubes, tubes, tubes, tubes...

Did I mention that I think you need tubes!

Having owned a 4B-ST (now have the SST version) and had Platinum Solos (if memory serves me right similar to AAD - Phil Jones...) some time ago coupled with a Sony cdp (had a stock 333ES, now its modded) I can whole heartedly advise that the introduction of tubes at the preamp stage will do wonders. Lots of good choices - Sonic Frontiers, CJ, ARC and a good bang for the buck is Rogue (I have a Magnum 66).

A Bryston preamp will not solve your problem as they are brutally revealing and hide nothing upstream. I owned a BP-25 so I can speak with some level of experience. So in closing if you want warmth and are not willing to swap your source then look at a tube preamp.