Preamp for FM Acoustics F10 amplifier

I just bought a pre-owned FM Acoustics F10 amplifier. It has been a dream to buy an FM amp. Now, I need a good preamp for it. FM preamps are at the moment beyond my financial reach so I have to look for non-FM preamps that would work well with the F10.

I currently have a Lamm LL2 preamp. It is doing the job but I am sure it can be bettered with a more carefully chosen preamp for the FM. My budget is $6k (new or pre-owned). Please pour in your suggestions.
Congratulation on your F10! I am using the 600A at the moment as my amplifier for the top in bi-amp studio monitors system....from what I had on hands the "best" preamplifier if you do not go with the FM 155 is the Dennesen JC80. It is so revealing and dynamically correct and at the same time has no "sonic signature". I was several times thinking of selling it and just only went back to it after trying most of the top ten preamplifiers on the marked in say 10K category.
Thanks PrcInka. I looked around for the Dennesen JC80 preamp, it seems to be a very rare preamp in the pre-owned market. If you come across any in your circle, please let me know.

I will also keep a look out for it.
OK. Also if you have the chance you may try the Parasound JC2....also John Curl is not the JC80 but close...
The Klyne 7 Line Stage is very interesting. Sonically it closes the gap between Transistor and Tubes. Way more musical than a Aleph P.
It has varaiable gain, i think, that is something useful for your Westminster Speakers and a high powered Transistor amp.
The advantages here are
- you can adjust the Input from a connected unit to your preferred level
- you can match the Preamp to the Amp you want to use
Overall - when done right - it is a super feature.
Some of these Klyne also have an internal - adjustable - Phonostage. There is worse out there ... :-)