Preamp for FM Acoustics F10 amplifier

I just bought a pre-owned FM Acoustics F10 amplifier. It has been a dream to buy an FM amp. Now, I need a good preamp for it. FM preamps are at the moment beyond my financial reach so I have to look for non-FM preamps that would work well with the F10.

I currently have a Lamm LL2 preamp. It is doing the job but I am sure it can be bettered with a more carefully chosen preamp for the FM. My budget is $6k (new or pre-owned). Please pour in your suggestions.
Thanks PrcInka. I looked around for the Dennesen JC80 preamp, it seems to be a very rare preamp in the pre-owned market. If you come across any in your circle, please let me know.

I will also keep a look out for it.
OK. Also if you have the chance you may try the Parasound JC2....also John Curl is not the JC80 but close...
The Klyne 7 Line Stage is very interesting. Sonically it closes the gap between Transistor and Tubes. Way more musical than a Aleph P.
It has varaiable gain, i think, that is something useful for your Westminster Speakers and a high powered Transistor amp.
The advantages here are
- you can adjust the Input from a connected unit to your preferred level
- you can match the Preamp to the Amp you want to use
Overall - when done right - it is a super feature.
Some of these Klyne also have an internal - adjustable - Phonostage. There is worse out there ... :-)
Have you keep this fm 105(I SELL YOU THIS AMP)
what is your price