Preamp for Mark Levinson 23.5

Looking for a linestage that will match up well with my Levinson 23.5 amp. I am open to either tube or solid state. I've liked the tube pre with a solid state amp combination. A remote would be nice, but not neccessary. I use an Oppo BDP-83 SE as my source. My budget is around $1500.
The best preamp for the 23.5 is the Levinson 26 or 26S.
That was the matching preamp for the 23.5 in the 90s.
Here's a thread about the 26 and 26s preamp.
as Doug99 suggested, I would stay with ML.....the 38/380 series will give you also the remote. I like the older generations better (ML 6,ML7....)