Preamp for McIntosh MC162

Need some suggestions for an appropriate preamp for a MC162. Want to stay in same vintage and with McIntosh. Pretty much to play CDs and MP3 source. Have B&W non diamond 805s.
C42 is a very nice match that is in the MC162 time period. An 8 band EQ might also help tame your aggressive non diamond 805 tweeter if needed.
I used to have C712 and thought it was a nice pre-amp and would be less money. It does have remote and is about the same vintage at the 162. Another consideration is a C15 which is a little older.
Theo, both of those pre's are great, but the C15 is the newer model. The C712 does have a pair of balanced outs, whereas the C15 doesn't, but the C15 is in the same time frame as the C42. Can't go wrong with either one.