Preamp for monoblock BAT amps

I have a pair of monoblock BAT VK-55 SE's driving Vandersteen Fives. Front end concentrates almost exclusively on analog reproduction (self-built Lenco-based table with Kuzma Stogi Reference arm/ZYX Airy 3 cartridge/Custom built tube phono stage).

I am currently in the market for a preamplifier to marry with the rest. If it were you, which pieces on the used market would you first audition? I am open to tubes, SS, or passive. I currently have a Bent NOH which ALWAYS sounds excellent, but has somewhat limited headroom in this configuration.
Something from BAT would be a logical choice. Ayre K1, Aesthetix, and maybe the ARC that Hansk46 mentions, but if you can't audition it first, I would pass on it.
How long are your interconnect cables? Do you want to drive the BAT balanced (which is what its designed for)?
I had a pair of BAT VK 55 mono's and used several BAT pre's and was never really happy until I used Ralph's MP 3 with the updated regulator and Teflon caps. Then everything opened up. Bass was more palpable midrange was clear and cymbals sparkled. I would strongly suggest that combination. My turntable is a SP 10 with the "krebs" mod with A3 Soundlabs and the Atma-sphere fleshed out all those mono's were capable of.
I have listned to a lot of pre amps ....Modwright, McIntosh, Primaluna, BAT VK30se, Manley labs. I would recommend any of them over a BAT with 6H30's. The sound was very dry and uninvolving and I couldn't stand listening to it. Try out at least 3-4 different ones it is a key piece to get correct! Good luck.
Thanks to you both. I considered BAT, of course, but have seen a few comments about them being a little slow and "fat" with some other equipment. I have appreciated ARC and Aesthetix pieces in the system of friends so I might give that a shot. :)