Preamp & headphone amp hookup - I need your help

Okay experts, if someone can help me figure out how to make this hookup without blowing something up I will be very greatful! I have an Audio Refinement Pre5 preamp (which has two sets of preamp outputs, a tape monitor, remote control but NO headphone jack) and an ASL MG-Head tube preamp. Since I can't afford a new preamp right now that has a headphone output I would like to hook up the MG-Head to my Pre5 if possible. Here's what I'm thinking of doing after researching the subject online:

Connect the MG-Head using the Pre5's tape monitor loop; set the volume to 12:00 on the MG-Head and be able to control the volume using the Pre5's remote control.

I'm not sure if this would blow up my amp or preamp so if anyone knows if this will work, or has an alternative solution, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.
You can hook the headphone amp up to the tape outs as long as it has it's own volume control but the tape outs are not normally controlled by a preamps volume control. It would be better to use a long pair of interconnects and put the headphone amp next to your seated position so you can control the volume without getting up.
Hooking up a headphone amp via the tape loop is the preferred way to do it, because it takes one volume control out of the signal path.
I don't have the same equipment, but I use the Tape Monitor out jacks from my Preamp to my Headphone Amp and it works very well. Of course it can not reproduce the bass and impact of good speakers, but the simplified signal path with a good Headphone Amp and Headphones produces cleaner, more detailed sound than through my speakers.