Preamp or DAC?

Been slowly building my system and have a pretty decent amp, a Benchmark AHB2. Funds are limited, but ready to get either the Benchmark DAC3 or their bit more expensive LA4 preamp. Trying to keep it all in the family. Recommendations regarding which one would be best choice since can only afford one or other? Wish I could get both, but don’t make that kind of money (maybe in a year or two). For context, feeding it with a streaming Bluesound Node 2i and delivered to Selah 4 ohm floor speakers. My audio knowledge is limited, especially compared to most of you all, so any advice you may offer will be much appreciated. Feel the need to see what you "experts" think before purchasing. Thanks!
Bricasti is made in the USA. Your rant about China is not only ignorant, but pointless. 2/3 of the worlds supply of Silicon and other rare earth metals used in in the creation of all manner of devices, the dac chips, board pcbs, even the plastics are mined in Chinese mines. 

And to mr audio Troy please learn to proof read before hitting the post your response button. Thank you.

So in your enlightened opinion, someone exhibiting provincial attitudes is ignorant? You are basically calling everyone outside the US ignorant. Not been my experience. 
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@kellen Congrats I have a feeling you will be very happy. Post your thoughts when you have it setup.

BTW - someone asked me a PM question on some things I said on this thread. I am going to post my reply since someone else may find it useful.

1) I had the DAC3 HGC + AHB2 combp 3 years ago and sold it when my son was born because I lost my music room. I used the default pad setting since that is the best one for the all Benchmark stack.

2) Since my auditory memory is from 3 years ago. I cannot get into specifics of sound but I can say that listening late at night for example I was always adjusting the volume to find a good level. I was usually unhappy at the low volume settings since the sound seemed to collapse a bit. I also felt like I was listening to audio components. Though I liked them a lot. My mind was getting into thoughts of what I did not like I guess.

Now with the HPA4 + amp section of my now sold Peachtree Nova 150. The volume issue at low volume was not a concern. I could always find a good setting and did not feel like the sound collapsed when turned down. One thing I have noticed is that I do not feel like I am listening to audio components anymore. I am 100% focused on the music. Now the Peachtree class D amp, while quiet, is not great. The sound was very enjoyable. I am excited to hear the AHB2 with the HPA4 at the end of this month when my order is shipped.

Since the HPA4 preamp is quieter than the DAC3B I have, I think what is happening is that the better circuitry on the preamp, compared to the DAC3 HGC, is sending a better signal to the amps. It does not matter if it is my analog tuner or my digital streams, both sound great.

Some reviewers were starting that the LA4 makes DACs sound better and you may find a lower cost DAC to be improved with the LA4. I can see that given the quieter specs of the preamp to every DAC out there. I was thinking of using the DAC3B as a second system DAC but after listening with the HPA4 I am wondering why I need to spend more money on the digital side. I bought the DAC3B after I sold the HGC and was not very excited about buying it, but I wanted to try an all Benchmark system again with the HPA4. I am glad I did.