Preamp or Receiver?

I currently have a pretty simple system in the office composed of:

Technics turntable – Bellari vp129 phono preamp – Quad 12L Active Monitors.

That being said, I can't currently run my computer/or iPod through speakers, and wanted to get a preamp or a receiver.

I was under the impression that since my speakers already have built-in amps, that I needed to get a preamp and that a receiver would be somewhat of a waste. The receiver option was suggested because I didn't have an exorbitant amount of money to spend on a preamp.

I would like to get some good feedback on this, as well as suggestions on good brands and perhaps some good preamps for 700 or less.

I had a previous thread on this subject, but figured I would clarify exactly what I'm trying to do. Thanks.
You can certainly get into a good preamp for $700 or below. Receivers below that price point will tend to have preamp sections that are nowhere near that of a dedicated unit.

Check out Rotel, NAD, Adcom, etc...they have models in that range. The Rotels even have very good phono stages built in if you want to simplify and get rid of the Bellari. And, of course, on Audiogon and eBay you can come across some very nice vintage preamps for peanuts...we're talking $100 to $300.

In fact -- do a search now. There are Quad preamps on A'gon today between $225-$600.
Yes you only need a preamp, the power amp section of a receiver would be wasted with you setup. Find a good tubed preamp, in your price range perhaps a used Wright or Bottlehead? Good luck and happy listening!
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