Preamp power supply capacitor upgrade

I recently purchased a used Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.3 preamplifier. Although it sounds excellent, I’m on a quest to get it to sound as close to the Backert Labs Rhythm as I can on the cheap. I’ve already sent it back for the 1.4 circuit upgrade and I upgraded the coupling caps to V-Cap ODAM’s. I’ve also upgraded the tubes to Amperex 7316’s from several recommendations here. For reference, my amplifier is Coincident Frankenstein 300B MkII and speakers are Reference 3A Reflectors.

The Rhythm power supply uses four 0.33uf V-Cap CuTF caps which gets rather costly at $218 each. However, the TFTF caps are discounted at $104 each.

My question is, since these would be used in the power supply, would the price differential justify going with the CuTF vs the TFTF?

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