Preamp recommendation for Bryston 4B-NRB

Hi - looking for some preamplifier recommendations for my main system. I unsure at this point what speakers they will be driving as I have several here. They all are somewhat inefficient and include (in no particular order of preference) Dahlquist DQ-10, Alon model V, Magnepan 1.4, Magnepan 20 (those these are likely more valuable than I can justify keeping for my personal use). A couple of possibilities that are more efficient and would require less power include B&W 603.3, A/D/S 1090, and ACI Shaphire III. Regardless, some would do better with a bit more juice. My amplifier choices are a Bryston 4B-NRB and possibly an Aragon 4004 Mk II (though less likely here as this amp has a barely audible hum - in the case, not in the signal - which I have been told my indicate a tranformer that has developed an issue)

What I am looking for in a preamp is a good quality that still has some features. I realize most audiophile units just allow you input selection and volume control and while I do not want tons of "bells and whistles" I would like basic tone control (and possibly the option to defeat it) contour option, and balance control. I will mainly be playing CDs but LOVE vinyl so a very good phono section would be a plus, though I could opt for an external phono preamp if this is better. Some local freind have recommended the old NAD 1020 at a budget price. I can justify a budget of about $500 for this addition. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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For $449.00 delivered to your door you can get the Emotiva USP 1 preamp with remote and it will match quite nicely to the Bryston 4 you have. Giant killer among entry level preamps and has MM and MC phono section on board.
Emotiva looks very nice and price is appropriate for my budget but does not have the basic controls I want to have in a preamp - bass / treble / balance. Would also like a contour / bass EQ option. I know these are features normally excluded from better audiophile equipment (don't want the users messing with flat response I guess and adds noise?) The NAD might be closer but lacks the bass EQ. Any vintage units that one could recommend that would have this options? Any opinions on the units made by Parasound and Vincent that seem to have some of these options?
There's a vintage unit for sale here at Audiogon: Bob Carver Icon C-4000. It's known for it's control options.
If you want all those features go for the NAD 3130 integrated amp and use it as a preamp. There is a review of it here on Audiogon that I wrote sometime back. You can always find this model on Audiogon or eBay for that matter.
It seems like the 3130 suits you perfectly.
Check this: