Preamp... Solid State or Tube

I am looking for 2-ch preamp that must have HT bypass option to mate with my existing HT processor.  

My budget is 10K for this upgrade.  Couple of preamps comes to mind but I have no experience with these components.  

Ayre KX-5 Twenty
Aesthetix Calypso 
My system consist of following components, 

Speakers - B&W 800D2
Source - Aurender N10,  Modwright Elyse DAC, Raysonic CD-128
Amps - Modwright KWA150SE (Pair of them being used in bridge mode)
Processor - Krell 707
Cables - Verastarr Grand Illusion Statement and Signature series

Any recommendations will be highly appreciated. 


the ZTPre has an introductory price of $3735 and will go up soon after. You can also audition for 30 days and return.

 Another vote for Modwright. I tried the LS 100 and 36.5 and the latter was clearly better. I also tried an ARC Ref 3 about the same time and preferred the 36.5 at a good saving.

 The two box version of the 36.5 is a clear step up to the one box version. Unfortunately, the dealer told me you can not upgrade from the one to the two box version. I would love to hear it against the ARC ref 5SE. It is about £2000 cheaper than the ARC, in the UK. I suspect it is better or at least as good. I have heard both, but not side by side. I run the 36.5 into the ARC Ref 75SE, but I have run tube Pre's into SS Power units in the past and very much like the combination.

Back to preamp, I am looking for fully balanced circuitry from input to output.
You've not mentioned if you need a phono section.

Our MP-3 (which is fully balanced-differential and all-tube) would fit the bill and is known to work quite well with the Modwright amps. There is no HT bypass; you merely set the volume control to a particular position (which is essentially what the HT bypass does) and you are good to go.

Lalit, a point to keep in mind is that the input impedance of your Modwright amps is specified as "Min. 15K at 50Hz; 23K at 1Khz."  While it's not made clear in the manual if that applies to the unbalanced input or the balanced input or both, some tube preamps will not perform at their best when driving impedances that low.  Including the Calypso you mentioned in your initial post.

Atmasphere preamps, however, will certainly have no trouble dealing with such an impedance.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al