Preamp suggestion for Class d Audio sds 470c

I have taken the plunge and decided to purchase this amp based on all of favorable reviews I have read in various forums. So far I have turned up very little info about a good preamp to match with it. Can any current or former owners of this amp share their experiences? I am open to either tube or solid state. Thanks.
Basically any good tube preamp. I have used Maple Tree, Conrad Johnson, Tad 150 - all sound great - CJ the best.
I am so impressed with this amp that I own 3!!!
(No connection to company.- in fact I have urged Tom to upgrade his website and provide more information. I didn't even know that the amp inverts phase! I had to figure it out- its not on the website)
The amp sound is purely a reflection ofthe source and preamp - that's why I like it so much. Dead neutral, accurate and transparent.
The Jeff Rowland Capri, at around $2k used, should be included on your list. BTW, J Rowland was one of the first high end designers to adopt Class D.
I love my d-sonic m3 1200S with 1,6 Maggie's.
The sound is tube like from a class D amp at unreal price. They can't stay this cheap forever. Had bel canto Ref1000m and the d-sonics to my ears is much clearer crisp yet the mids and highs are soooooo smooth.

Check them before spending $5k or 10k for that matter. Paired with Shindi pre and your set