Preamp Suggestions

Looking for preamp suggestion to match up with my Audio Mirror Reflection 45w set amps. Most likely looking for tubes but open to ss if something blew me away. Looking to spend between 1k and 2k.  Right now my favorites are Supratek and Cary SLP98. I like how both would look with the mono blocks as well that they use 6SN7, which my amps use the same. Would really like to find something a step above the Schiit Freya and the Rogue RP1. I haven’t heard either but I know it wouldn’t take long before I was looking to upgrade. I may go down that path if nothing else comes up I like better, but would rather not.  Also would like whatever I get to not just sonically match my amps but visually as well.  My biggest priority sound wise is a large holographic sound stage.  Next would be it can’t sound lean or bright whatsoever. I basically like a large 3d soundstage with a very smooth response.  Speakers are yet to be determined which I know may be a bit backwards. Just how things worked out with coming across the new to me amps. 

looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. Thanks. 


always good to hear the same maker's pre and power amps... they obviously afford the owner the desired synergy intended

for me -- i found the cary slp98 too veiled, slow and syrupy for my tastes

i have vlad’s 6c33b set mono amps myself, they have a degree of warmth and solidity in their sound ... i would strongly suggest a more extended, clearer tube pre, like one of the more modern c-j’s (et5 or et7-2) if that can fit in your budget



Do you have trouble with the remote on your Pre90?  I guess you have to be a marksman to use it.....