Preamp Suggestions for hot-rodded Odyssey Khartago?

I am basically ruling out the Candela due to wanting to hear it before the end of the world and though for a while I was dead set on it, I kept watching for anything interesting used that would match well. I would like to go tube to get at least some of the tube staging.

Max budget is $2k but would rather stay under $1500.

Musical taste is mostly reggae, punk, 80's and 90's alt, grunge, etc with a smattering of hip hop, jazz, electronic, musique concrete and metal.

For overall sound I'd like something that would augment Odyssey's already fast and dynamic sound with good bass.

@georgehifi I originally bought the Freya/Vidar and the Freya was kind of a mess. Horrible microphonics, the tubes we’re unusable, and I agree with some about the clicking volume.

As others said, and I echo this as well, that the JFET and tube stage sounded the same. I don’t see how they can sell a tube amp with obvious issues. But some people love theirs so...

i have no no doubt they will get it worked out and I applaud their quality to dollar ratio. I just had a bad experience and don’t want to do it again. I truly wanted to be in love with the combo and it didn’t happen. 
That's a shame  gochurchgo, I heard they did have a bad batch of Chinese tubes that were microphonic, but as you said it's the fet stage that would have been the one for your setup.

 I suppose you can look for a used Pass B1, trouble is they are 1kohm output impedance not 75ohms like the Schiit, with no dc servo and capacitor coupled, I always prefer direct coupled, with no capacitor in the signal path, to me the best cap is no cap.

Cheers George  
@georgehifi Thanks. You almost make me want to try one again. The release of the Vidar was what got me thinking separates in the first place. Which then lead me to Vincent, then AVA and then Odyssey. All told, I'd rather get a Candela but I am reconsidering.
@giantsalami Can you shed some light on what the Modwright did better? Also what kind of music?
To me, the Modwright sounded cleaner with more detail. Bass was about the same. I listen to Rock, prog, lots of German metal, Im a product of the 80's hair bands. Also acoustic and classic rock.I also now have a Modwright amp insted of the Odyssey.