Preamp Suggestions for hot-rodded Odyssey Khartago?

I am basically ruling out the Candela due to wanting to hear it before the end of the world and though for a while I was dead set on it, I kept watching for anything interesting used that would match well. I would like to go tube to get at least some of the tube staging.

Max budget is $2k but would rather stay under $1500.

Musical taste is mostly reggae, punk, 80's and 90's alt, grunge, etc with a smattering of hip hop, jazz, electronic, musique concrete and metal.

For overall sound I'd like something that would augment Odyssey's already fast and dynamic sound with good bass.

@georgehifi  I hear ya, but I wouldn't say that to them. If I was buying 10 of them I would, but I doubt they care about a single complainer (not that they are indifferent so much as busy).
@gochurchgo - I do listen to Jazz, and classical, and thrash metal, and punk and lots of 80s rock...etc.  I would not have been happy if the C-J was incapable of doing rock well.  I think the C-J preamps that were older, like the PV-5, had the softer sound you were referring to.  That said, the C-J would probably not be described as ruthlessly revealing, either.
@bondmanp Thanks, thats good perspective! I am not after ultimate fidelity (HERESEY!) but rather a nice sound. I have tons of badly recorded + mediocrely pressed reggae albums, I don't want to render them unlistenable. I like detail and dynamics and speed but will give up some resolution for warmth and a "safer" sound to help those bad records out a touch.

I'll take a look at the PV11
For several years I have been enjoying a Odyssey Candela with my Stratos. To be very balanced pre, I had a CJ PV12 prioe to that. Beautiful sound, warm and lush, but in the end that ended up being the problem. I believe Klaus is using a Candela in his demo rooms.
@italian yeah, more and more I feel like Candela is the way to go. I guess I should learn to be more patient and follow my original plan.

thats not to say other pre’s won’t work but I don’t want to play musical preamps until I find one that works.