Preamp Suggestions for hot-rodded Odyssey Khartago?

I am basically ruling out the Candela due to wanting to hear it before the end of the world and though for a while I was dead set on it, I kept watching for anything interesting used that would match well. I would like to go tube to get at least some of the tube staging.

Max budget is $2k but would rather stay under $1500.

Musical taste is mostly reggae, punk, 80's and 90's alt, grunge, etc with a smattering of hip hop, jazz, electronic, musique concrete and metal.

For overall sound I'd like something that would augment Odyssey's already fast and dynamic sound with good bass.

@italian yeah, more and more I feel like Candela is the way to go. I guess I should learn to be more patient and follow my original plan.

thats not to say other pre’s won’t work but I don’t want to play musical preamps until I find one that works.
@gochurchgo - I would think the Candela would work.  Just be aware that it has no balance control.  Part of enjoying poorer quality recordings, many of which have soundstages that skew to one side or the other (even varying within the same album!), is being able to adjust the L-R balance.  The CJ-PV11 offers a little bit of balance control, the Candela offers none.