Preamp upgrade - Shindo or VAC?

I’ve had a VAC Standard LE pre amp for a few years now with Auricle Musicblocs. I’ve liked them a lot. However as I had my preamp gone for some maintenance, I had a friends Shindo Aurieges on loan. I must say I was quite impressed. Don’t actually know if it’s better than the Standard LE, but at least it seems to fit my system quite nicelly. The instruments and voices were more real and vibrant. Then again some seem to think VAC’s better pre amps are a lot better that the Standard LE(?)

So I’m wondering about an upgrade path… VAC or Shindo? Anyone out there with experience with say Shindo Mondrison or Masseto and the VAC Renaissance MKIII Preamplifier?

I’d be grateful for any insite. =)
I've heard neither the VAC or Shindo but have just heard the VRE-1B and all I can say is WOW! If I could afford anything it would be it. Spectacular. Sorry this doesn't answer your question but it might be worth your investigation if you are thinking of a new pre.


I recommend you just do a search by entering Shindo and look through the past threads, do the same with VAC lots of info. There have been past discusions in relation to this but that being said your ears are still the ones to be satisfied. It's going to greatly depend on the rest of your set-up etc. so always best to get what ever it is that interests you into your own set-up to evaluate.

Best of luck and enjoy!
You ought to be happy with either brand. I would base it on ergonomics and price. Given you have VAC amps I would gravitate to VAC preamps - you can split hairs forever in this hobby, these really are two very good makers of preamps, whichever path you take will make for a very fine system.
I have the Auricle Musicblocs as well. If it were me I'd go with a VAC preamp. Going further up the VAC line should make a nice improvement over the Standard LE. Nothing against Shindo, as it is great too, but I suspect there might be better synergy overall with VAC. The VAC systems I hear at audio shows are always among my favorite rooms.
From what i know Both companies have similar reputation, you'll be fine with either one. Like i always say: you have to listen to both, before purchasing.
Thanks guys! And yes, one should listen first and it depends on setup, speakers and so on. But in my case listening ja comparing is just not possible. So one must make an educated decision on presumptions, reputation and comments from other users. So that's why I'm asking about experience with the two companies. But it seems there aren't many with experience of both.

But thanks anyway!
- Jukka
Well, I guess the scale has tilted towards VAC... I was a little hasty with the Standard LE preamp, it took some time to run in proparly. Now I'd say no contest... The Shindo Aurieges has a beutifull midrange, but the VAC now has a very nice midrange as well, and everything else the VAC does (quite a bit) better.
The designer of the pre amp typically designs the pre amp around his own amp and vice if you own a vac amp I would lean toward the vac...Plus Kevin makes great stuff and has been around high end a long time and will be there for you...