Preamp w/ a budget of $2000

Hi All, 

I'm looking to replace my NAD preamp. It is now the weak link in my system. I would like to keep the budget to 2K or less. Requirements: Pre out or sub out, MM phono section, and a remote.

Associated equipment:
Amps: Anthem MCA 20, Red Dragon M-100 monoblocks
Sources: Bluesound node 2, TV, ProJect Debut Carbon
Speaker(s): I do a lot of switching out- Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S, Gallo 3.1 reference, MMGs, Green Mountain Audio Continuum I, DIY Nola Brio Trio Clones
Subs: Paradigm Monitor Sub 12" x2, REL T-7 x 2
Cables: Anticable IC's throughout, Anticable Speaker wire, Audio Magic Speaker cable

I am a detail freak and tend to like my sound towards the more clinical side of things. Of course imaging, soundstage depth/width, and image focus are important. I listen to a lot of Jazz and recently a fair bit of electronic as well. 

Any and all advice or direction would be appreciated. 

Best- Ben

Mattmiller I agree with your comments/advice and your recommendations, your choices IMO tend toward a "natural" sound character direction(which is what I’d prefer as you apparently do as well it seems).

Ben expressed a desire for a somewhat "clinical" character, I suspect that the Spectral or Bryston suggested by John may suit his preferences more closely.



I would look into
CJ ET-3 used, or the classic with teflon upgrade.

I looked at the NAD preamp, it ran HOTTT, too hot for a preamp.
no reason a preamp should run that hot.

parasound P5 or P3.  good preamps, tons of features, and heard only good things.

used Sanders Preamp?