Preamp with Parasound A21+ amp?

Would the Rotel preamp 1572MKll work well with the Parasound A21+ amp?


The user feedback suggests that the preamp in question is clinical, sterile, and highly detailed in sound, potentially lacking warmth. This might not complement the detail-oriented nature of the Parasound A21/A23 series well.

Thank you. What amps would you recommend with the rotel preamp. Price point being $5k

I found the A21+ a bit warmer than my normal preference, but when I paired it with a super neutral preamp like the Benchmark LA4 I liked the A21+ a lot. I currently use the LA4 with another slightly warm amp (less so than the A21+), the CODA #16. A great pairing.

You can do a 30-day home trial of the LA4. Don’t let the price fool you. You will not find a better volume control.

Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier - Benchmark Media Systems

If you want a bit more warmth with similar sonic attributes of the LA4. though with less preamp features, and maybe a lesser volume control, check out the Holo Serene for the same price.