Preamp with phono section

I am in the market for a used solid state preamp with a good phono section. Does anyone have any recommendations. Budget is $2,000
There are several features that i would like:
1. Essential; phonosection (mm or mc), remote volume control
2. Would like feature; 2 pairs of analog out

The two that i have come across that look promising are:
1. Parasound P7
2. Ayre K1

All help greatly appreciated
I doubt you are going to find an Ayre K-1 with a remote and the phono section for $2K, (typically, the base K-1 with phono and remote would go for around $3K), but you might be able to find an old K-3X with a phono section for that amount. (The K-3 is very similar to the K-1, but it only has two sets of balanced inputs and two sets of single ended inputs, (versus 3 and 3 for the K-1). And while it has two sets of outputs, it has one set of balanced outputs and one set of single ended outputs, and I don't think that you can use them at the same time.

The phono section is very good, (great at this price point!), but realize that Ayre believes, (as do I), that one should use balanced cables for cartridges, so the phono inputs are set for XLRs, not RCAs. This means either having your cables terminated with XLRs, (which I have done), or using XLR-RCA adapters, (as I used to do before I upgraded my tonearm). The phono section does allow you to adjust both the gain and the loading via changing resistors. (Doing this is relatively easy, as it does not require soldering, only the use of screwdrivers.)

Good Luck in your search!!!
If you can stretch it a little bit, you might be able to score a McIntosh C220. They are a bargain for what the sometimes go for on the used market. Good luck!
There was a K-3 recently on Agon for $2k so that sounds like a good option.
McIntosh C220 would be great but its a little more than a wanted to spend.
Any thoughts on the Parasound?
I am of course also happy to spend a lot less...more money for media then
my man theres a few Classe DR-6 pres on the Gon that's one of the best SS full fuctioning preamps there is. And the unit is built like a tank and sounds great..