Preamp with phono section

I am in the market for a used solid state preamp with a good phono section. Does anyone have any recommendations. Budget is $2,000
There are several features that i would like:
1. Essential; phonosection (mm or mc), remote volume control
2. Would like feature; 2 pairs of analog out

The two that i have come across that look promising are:
1. Parasound P7
2. Ayre K1

All help greatly appreciated
my man theres a few Classe DR-6 pres on the Gon that's one of the best SS full fuctioning preamps there is. And the unit is built like a tank and sounds great..
Tried to google the DR-6 as it looks really promising and definitely budget friendly. I could not however find any reviews from the "main stream" press.
Any suggestions?
You should investigate the Bel Canto Pre2p. The unit is well reviewed and very user friendly. Worth a look.
Klyne SK-5A if you can find one. Very good phono section indeed. Has 2 analog outs in opposite phase. This is useful because it allows connecting channels in opposite phase to spread load on amplifier power supply--this improves dynamics. Also allows balanced connection.