Preamp with Tone Control Recommendations ....

I have a desire to get a preamp with tone controls. Can you recommend something? McIntosh C50/C2500/C2300 come to mind and the C50 is rising to the top. I think I'd like the tone controls on the preamp as opposed to adding an equalizer although I am not opposed to that option. Thanks in advance!
As a CJ Gat owner and dealer, the GAT is anything but colored like the old CJ stuff of yore, the GAT has an organic quality that is truly outstanding, it is very transparent without being cold or overly romantic.

Exactly! Very well said. Two years ago I sold my GAT to a friend thinking I could find something better. No way. The GAT is the most satisfying preamp that I've owned. So much so I broke down and replaced it six months ago. It's wonderful. My only reason for a tone control search is some music I listen to on certain speakers can be too much of a good thing. I am just looking for variety.
Thankyou for your response Joeinid, very interesting that you prefer the cj over the momentum.