Prefered 300B tubes for Canary Amplifiers

I'm the owner of a Canary 306 300B amplifier. The stock tubes are EH and I'm interested in upgrading to a premium set of 300B tubes. I'm wondering what others have tried and liked and wondered whether the Canarys can accept the XLS designated tubes.
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Charles, I'm with you.

I didn't think I could find a 300b amp that I didn't like, just some "more" than others. Well I did and it wasn't a cheap one. It was a brand new pair of Cary 300b SE Signature mono blocks.

I own Cary 805 AE's which I use to power my Magnepans and love them (yes, it works and works really well). For my hi-eff system I thought it would be a no brainer to get their TOTL 300b. Turns out it was a "yes" brainer. I used their supplied Chinese 300b's to break it in but it never sounded good. No matter what brand of tubes I rolled in, it never sounded right. In fact, it red plated my Sophia Meshes in 5 minutes. That was the clue that led me to finding out that they drive the 300b with 450 volts and 80 mA. Why????? Only they can explain. What I know is that even if they can get 15 watts of power out of these, if it sucks....what's the point. IMHO of course. fwiw, the amp had no bias adjustment so I took it to my tech and had him install a resistor to drop the bias. He got it down to the low 60's and it still red plated the Sophias and it still sounded bad although maybe slightly better than before.

For the OP:
The EH is a good basic 300b. Moving up the ladder...I like the Genalex a little more, the Sophia mesh a lot more and at the uppermost the EML Solidplate and Meshplate. The meshes do not want to be ran hard. There is less plate to dissipate (did I just make a rhyme?) so you will want to find out the specs of your amp before trying them. If your amps do run the tubes hard, I would highly recommend the EML 300bxls. That tube could last easily twice as long so divide their cost by 2 and maybe they aren't that expensive.
I have a Canary CA-339 MKII amp and went through the same thing a few months back. I ended up with Psvane T-series 300B and CV-181 (6SN7). I purchased mine from Grant Fidelity (Rachel). I just love these tubes and glad I made the move. Now Psvane has a newer version of the T-series. I can't comment on those. My previous tubes was EH Gold Grid. They where excellent tubes but not on the same level as the Psvane IMHO. Now of course the Psvane cost a lot more.

Good luck on your search.
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If you are a working person ,  the Golden Lion 300B is excellrnt 
For 4 tubes Cryoed tubes ,From Cryoset $550 a matched quad is excellrnt.
Don't forget the small tubes Golden Lion too very respectable 
Vintage 40s to mid 50s the best.for 6sn7 Sylvania metal color  comes to mind.
Going s Canary 306 used for s week in 2011 could not drive stats well Sat in closetFor under $2k a steal great amp.