Prefered Freight Company

I was wondering if there was any frieght companies that anyone would want to warn me about or recomend? I have been in the markey for some speakers and I have seen some very high freight rates. I dont mind paying, but I figured I would ask...
Regardless of which service you use, I would suggest using a device that indicates damage and/or shock. Google freight damage & shock indicators to see what's available.

Using Greyhound bus like Dill suggested is a good choice but if you have to truck, palletize & make sure the trucking co. uses air ride trailers.

Also, some trucking co. use lift gates, so there's no dropping the speaker off the back of the truck.

Additional options are freight expediters (like All-Types Expediting) that use straight trucks that are set up for faster service. Some of these trucks are small like basic cargo vans Moving co. are another way to go, although a lot depends on the driver & crew and how they blanket wrap & strap loads.
Old Dominion, you can get Location to location for a very good rate, or dorstep delivery for an extra charge. I've shipped Magnepans a few times and never had any issues.

Here is a link and you can get on line cost estimates. Use Class 100 for Speakers
Consolidated Freightways has disloved years ago close to 10 years now, YRC has been aquired by Greatwide logistics.
I will second Pilot Air. VSA uses them to ship big speakers, which I got with no problem several years ago from Cali. I also got a tube amp using them from VAC in Fla with no problems last year. Prices are pretty reasonable and they take care of things. My advice would be to be sure to use a pallet.

On the flip side, I've had both Fedex Ground and UPS destroy things, then try to get out of responsibility for covering them.