Preowned Wilson Audio Chicago Dealer

So, what's with the Chicago used gear dealer who constantly advertises tons of used Wilson, (the same models for over a year or more) yet anyone who calls him to buy a pair get's totally discouraged by him on Wilson?

Is this just the old bait and switch with him having none of them in stock? Right now he must have 12 ads of the 20 on Audiogon- yet when called about actually buying a pair he doesn't even attempt to subtly switch you to something else. He makes you feel like an idiot for considering buying Wilson and will "only sell you a pair of you insis"t and then tells you "but I know I"ll only be buying them back from you". 


i have spoken to albert several times over the years, always fun conversations, pointed sometimes but he is definitely a guy who feels out who he is dealing with in early interactions, as most sharp retailers in any business do

certainly not vouching for him nor his business practices, but i would say, as we all get older, we often get somewhat crankier in our day to day disposition, and extensive knowledge in a subject often leads to one also being opinionated and even directive, as a matter of human nature ... so not surprised albert has gotten this way (or maybe he was always this way 😆)

i just get pretty amused when folks like the op posts something like he did, but now -- he wasn’t naming names 🤣 ... thinks that lil ol qualifier coats him in teflon and kevlar from incoming...

...and he says he used to run a hif retail shop in new jersey... this would be the least street smart retailer in the state 😂

The attitudes exposed here are to be expected these days in my experience.

Mr. Sportis reminds me of other people I know who own high end stores

in SF, Seattle and Phoenix. That said some of these are people I have learned the

most from.

Surprisingly enough the people in all three Minneapolis stores I visited this year

were exceptionally pleasant and very knowledgeable. 

As a retailer these days too many customers  lack the same people

skills they complain the owners do not have.

So be prepared to be exposed but at the same time discern what you can

learn from these folks who live in the trenches.

Reading this makes me miss Audio Consultants (Evanston, IL (and Libertyville, Hinsdale, and Chicago, IL)) and Simon all the more.

He rarely replies to an offer. I admit they are lower than asking but he sits on products for years on end.  All dealers need to understand that I'm not lowballing you if your product hasn't sold in a year. You are highballing me. Anyway I usually give up on these guys. So much easier dealing with fellow audiophiles.

Thank you Albert for great help and with my purchase of a pair of REL Carbon Specials!  Super service etc!  Also thank you for help with my REL Bassline Blue cables!  Ken