Preowned Wilson Audio Chicago Dealer

So, what's with the Chicago used gear dealer who constantly advertises tons of used Wilson, (the same models for over a year or more) yet anyone who calls him to buy a pair get's totally discouraged by him on Wilson?

Is this just the old bait and switch with him having none of them in stock? Right now he must have 12 ads of the 20 on Audiogon- yet when called about actually buying a pair he doesn't even attempt to subtly switch you to something else. He makes you feel like an idiot for considering buying Wilson and will "only sell you a pair of you insis"t and then tells you "but I know I"ll only be buying them back from you". 


Albertportis I’ve met Him when he was still working at Van L Speakers, extremely nice guy, , after 20 yrs he is still the same guy I met.He will never cheat anyone, that I know, If you meet Him in person I bet you will like him more.He never tries to judge anyone the way other dealer. Very kind human being.i am planning to visit Him this year at his store..To see if those audio research preamp are still available.

It was 3 years ago that I noticed an ad listing on his store page here on audiogon. It was for a pair of speakers that I had interest in and they were used. The manufacturer had discontinued that particular line so I thought they were a good deal and looked like new in the pictures. So I made a phone call the owner told me why buy those when he could sell me a brand new pair of the newest model for the same price and that I would really like the newer model. I made the decision to purchase the newest model and less than a week later the delivery truck backed into my driveway with my new speakers. I really like my speakers>brand new and sealed in their boxes. Even today the same speakers used for sale are more than I paid for these 3 years ago. Happy customer> Thanks Albert.

I have dealt with Albert several times. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable, very fair in pricing, and a good guy. Thanks Albert!

Has anyone else had difficulty getting in touch with Precision AV? I have read pretty positive reviews and have been trying to get in contact for almost two weeks now over a pair of speakers listed on here, but haven’t been able to get a response. Looking to buy my first speaker system, so not sure if this is the norm