Preparing for Montreal Jazz Fest, who would you want to see live?

My pick so far is Melody Gardot and Corea/McBride/Blade kinda slim to make a desired trip to one of my favorite North American cities. Avishai Cohen seemed to have some great kicks, but not a lot that I liked.

Anyone can chip-in with recommendations?

I second Joey Alexander.  I'd love to see this kid live.  If he shows up within 300 miles, I'm going.

I would also throw a vote in for Lauryn Hill.  Maybe too far on the R&B side for you, but she's the real deal.

The other standout for me is Chick Corea with Brian Blade and Christian McBride.  Whether or not you even like his stuff it would be worth it just to see the assembled talent.

I hope you have a seriously good time!

Thanks for replies! I was skeptical for young kid, but I mentioned Chick Corea, McBride and Blade. This line-up seems to be quite poor compared to previous years.
Tord Gustavsen for sure. But not if you are looking for excitement.
But I would definitely see him.