Preview: CODA Technologies new generation number#8 Stereo Amplifier

I have always had a keen interest in hearing a CODA amplifier in my own system for a long time. This company has been in existence for over twenty years. It's if they were a "stealth" product, very few American reviews, built many highly regarded amplifiers for other companies as an OEM source, and most of their products are loved/sold in the Asian/European markets.

I finally was able to set up a review for on their new generation single chassis number#8 amplifier.  Internally, their has been some very important changes in the power supply, along with "kept in house" different part selections through out the entire circuit pathway.  Externally, the #8 has a pair of blue light power meters and is quite a good looking piece of gear. The build quality and parts used are at the highest level.  The number#8 amplifier is 150 watts into 8 Ohms and 300 watts into 4 Ohms.  The first 18 watts is pure class A.  Regardless of the volume levels I play the amp never leaves its class A rating.  Like all Coda amplifiers a special quality is the #8 ability to provide 150 Amperes of current if needed!

Well, the beauty of what this amplifier has brought to my system has lead to all night long listening sessions.  I have owned/reviewed other great SS amplifiers. However, the #8, being driven by the new Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier has some special qualities, here are a few:

1) It might be the quietest amplifier I have ever had in my system.  This allows all the micro-details to float out and be heard.  Yet, the #8 never sounds edgy/electrical/mechanical as other very detailed amps can.
2) It's lighting fast and provides the speed and aliveness you find in live music to a higher degree then other amps I have had in my system.
3) The overall tonality is "silky-smooth" with not a touch of grain/dryness.
4) The macro-dynamics overall and the control of the bottom end are superlative.

In my review I'll get into all the details why this is a killer amplifier!  I also think its a "bargain" at it's retail price of $6,500.00.  So, if your in the market I strongly suggest you might want to hear the #8 before you purchase another amplifier.  It's that good.

@audiotroy so, how do the three amps compare, the coda, str, and the Krell xd?
oem-wheels , yea i figured, but somewhere on this or another thread he said they were going to have a comparison of the 3.
Hey guys sorry not to get back to these questions will try to anwer the opinions on these three killer amps

They are all fantastic and all a bit different

Coda is the best overall amplifier in terms of image size, depth, having a warm full midrange, and a very delicate top end. Overall our favorite unless you really want to play loud or have a very unrully load.

Krell has better bass being a bit warmer in the lower frequencies, vs the Coda which was a bit tighter, slightly faster. The Krell has an even warmer midrange, Krell’s soundstage was equilly as good, the amp never seemed to run out of omph. and was just a beautiful sound on all loudspeakers.

Anthem STR a bit less air then the other amplifiers, bass was also warm, still quite tight  a tick tighter than the Coda's bass, also nver ran out of omph.

So overall Coda number one, Krell number two, Anthem STR number three.

The Coda does take a long time to burn in. Fantastic amplifier at a great price unless you need more slam just an awesome amplifier. The most balanced out of all three amplifiers.

If you want a warmer even more tube like presentation then the Krell is your amp.

If you want a bit more neutral still a bit warm but less air and precence the Anthem is still quite musical just less overall wow factor then the other two great power reserves and outstanding bass never ran out of juice. 

Hope that helps, these are all exceptinal amplifiers comes down to taste the Coda was really exceptional for most of our clients who we demoed it for.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Dealers for Coda, Krell, and Anthem

I've owned various Krell amps throughout my life and have never heard them being described as tube like.