Price for NEW set of Revel Ultima Salon 2

Hi everyone,

I am not an expert in high end audio but I have a chance to acquire a pair of Ultima Salon 2 at an auction tomorrow. They are new in the factory sealed boxes.

I buy and sell as a part time business and was wondering what a realistic expectation for potential buyers for these speakers are? I understand the high price but if I can get them for a low enough price what would be a reasonable asking price to turn them quickly. Keeping in mind their size for shipping unless the buyer wants to come to VA for pickup.

Thanks and let me know if you are interested, I can keep you posted if I am the owner by tomorrow evening.

Unless its an audio store going out of business, that's a pretty odd find. If they don't let you look inside the boxes and check the speakers out, I would bid very low. At the very least, the serial numbers are probably printed on the outside of the box. Call Revel and see if they know anything about the. If they turn up stolen, the speakers go back to the original owner and you probably won't get your money back.