Prima Luna have released the Kracken (striketrough) I mean DAC

So has anyone in here actually heard it?
Will it be at Axpona, if so someone's got to say something about it please?


IMHO, they'd be better off sticking to what they know.

I can see your point, on the other hand I guess if they can do it well, why not?
Obviously if it lowers the brand's credibility it's probably not a clever move.

@lordmelton I have subdued my natural response, thank you for your leveled and balanced view. Ha, yeah, you made me smile.

Not a big fan, myself been into upgrades for years, if you look in Tas magazine 

his $4600 preamp maybe heavy but in a critical part of the circuit the output 

just look left upper corner a cheap $25 alps volume pot that Silver round can  , when in fact it should have a dedicated  resistive ladder attenuators, or relays , just a plastic resistive carbon pot for volume you loose a fair amount of low level detail. Even the transformers.     C core transformers ,and chokes go with tubes and for sure the best,  look at anything in Japan or top elsewhere ,a toroidal transformer is fine for Solid State ,

it doesnot belong with tubes, having owned a Audiostore, and knowing upgrades 

prima luna ,No Thank you !

@twoleftears +1  

I’m a fan of Mac preamps & amps, but don’t really understand why they go upstream or downstream of those (and they should kill the a/v stuff). Would be nice to see a few more tube pre-amp choices instead

I actually have the EVO 100 dac and find the sound quite good. I admit I haven’t heard all dac’s in the price range but I got mine used for under 2K which I thought was a bargain. It does take about an hour to sound its best but it’s soundstaging, vocals, all the stuff we look for are their. I found it much more realistic than some of the solid state units at that price level, not as harsh or technical sounding but smooth I guess would be the best way to describe it. Anyway, I’m happy with it when I stream but still go to vinyl or R2R when I really want to hear what’s on a recording. All in all it’s still a very respectable dac in my opinion.