Prima Luna Prolog 1 and ipod

What is the best way to connect my ipod to the Prima Luna Prolog one? The way I am using now, the quality of sound is very poor.
I found out from the user manual that I could connect my ipod to the digital input of my QUAD CDP-99 cd player. However, I don't hear a thing. Not sure if my inputs are dead or I am not using it correctly. Anyone with similar experience?
How are you getting a digital signal out of the ipod? There are a few iPod docks that will take a digital signal from the iPod and pass it on to a DAC but as far as I know you can get only an analog signal using just a cable from either the dock connector on the iPod or the headphone jack.
Hmm No wonder it was not working !!! How ignorant of me. So i need to connect it to a device that will convert it to a digital signal
No, it wasn't ignorant, figuring out the connection options among the universe of devices isn't easy or intuitive. But, if you do want to get a digital signal from the iPod so you can connect directly to the digital input of your player you'll need a device like the Pure i-20 mentioned in an earlier post or one of the other similar devices from Wadia, Cambridge Audio and others.

They don't convert the output of the iPod to a digital signal, they take the digital information that's stored on the iPod and route it to the DAC in your Quad player before it passes through the DAC and amp that are built into the iPod.

One notch back from that in terms of sonic quality is to use a dock or cable that sends a 'line out' analog signal to the input of a preamp or integrated. That signal will have been converted from digital to analog by the iPod's internal DAC but not sent through the amp-on-a-chip that's in the iPod.

Another consideration is the resolution of the files on the iPod. If you have low bit rate mp3 files on the iPod they're never going to sound like CD or higher resolution files no matter how you extract them from the iPod.

As an aside, I love the iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTouch devices, I think I own six or seven of them, but expecting a device that's designed completely around portability and convenience to sound as good as high resolution files on a music server or even a CD player seems unrealistic to me. And the pursuit of that is a waste of money, from my experience.
Thank you for your response. I have already ordered the Pure I-20. Just thought I should have the luxury of listening to my ipod via the QUAD although that is not my main input to my system. Thank you once again