Prima Luna Vs Accupahse

I am looking to get out of my Arcam SA20 and upgrade soon. I have the opportunity to get a good deal on both a used Prima Luna Evo300 Hybrid and used Accuphase E-280. My main speakers for now are the Focal Aria 936K2 but plan on getting Tannoy’s later. Which one would yall say is the better amp. Thank yoi!


I don’t know about the accuphase, but others seem to like it and it has a great reputation. The PL, to me, is a boring sounding tube amp. You can do much better for that money. Do you need that much power? I would investigate PASS, AYRE (both ss) and VAC, if accuphase isn’t already a done deal.

I had Accuphase, think it was E213, their entry model, and for that price you can get mid-high PrimaLuna models. So hard to compare, where Accuphase begins, Primaluna almost ends:)

Also, quite different sound. Went from Accuphase integrated, to Primaluna preamp+Pass labs power amp, to now Primaluna 300 Hybrid. 
If you want clean musical sound and brand name/resale value, Accuphase is way to go. If you want more organic and holographic sound but with good bass grip, 300 Hybrid is great choice. I love mine and finally don't have upgrade itch.
But all are great amps, you can't go wrong with any. 

I have a PL Evo 400 into Dynaudio evoke 50s.

I have the ability to upgrade, but no reason to want to.