PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp owners!

Please help me. Looking for new tubes. I read that it is difficult to beat the stock tubes, but I am willing to try. I am currently running a Pass XA-30.8 amplifier, Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers and an Esoteric K-07 as a source. I listen to rock, jazz, classical. Love female vocalists accompanied by the piano as well. I want to avoid anything that will accentuate high frequencies or anything that may cause harshness in the upper registers. All that being said, I was considering Amperex Medical 12AU7, Brimar CV4003, Cifte 12AU7 or Mullard cv4003. Or something else? Thank you in advance.
RCA 12AU7 Blackplates have a classic tube sound. Warm, open, good soundstaging with smooth highs.
The RCA 5963 Blackplate is a premium tube that has better dynamics with more air up top.
Very interesting thread as I am looking for a set of warmish tubes Saki for my Dialogue Premium integrated. I found the stock EL34 power tubes to be very nice however I wanted a little more drive so I put in some KT120's. I like them very much however I found a little more glare at the upper midrange so I want to tame that down somewhat. I spoke with Kevin Deal but very briefly and described the differences between the EL34 and KT120.  I am hearing more into the music with the KT120's no doubt and the soundstage has seemed to open up. Lowrider what have you used the RCA BP in?
I used RCA 12AX7 BPs in a Jolida and 12AU7's in a Rogue pre. The Rogue is very neutral, not like a PrimaLuna. BPs take away any harshness.
True the Rogue is very neutral as I had a Tempest 2. Also have experience with Jolida products (preamp, amp and CD player). Matter of fact I ran some GE triple mica black plate 5751's in the CD player and preamp.


The Primaluna EL-34's are indeed a nice tube . I also have tried the KT-120's and found them to be good at the extremes but a little shy in the mids . I finally settled on some Black Treasure 6CA7's from Shuguang . Quite a nice tube after break-in . Warm , extended ,nice mids , detailed and musical . They go with the 7316's  nicely . This combination will give you the warmth that you seek .

Good Luck