PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp owners!

Please help me. Looking for new tubes. I read that it is difficult to beat the stock tubes, but I am willing to try. I am currently running a Pass XA-30.8 amplifier, Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers and an Esoteric K-07 as a source. I listen to rock, jazz, classical. Love female vocalists accompanied by the piano as well. I want to avoid anything that will accentuate high frequencies or anything that may cause harshness in the upper registers. All that being said, I was considering Amperex Medical 12AU7, Brimar CV4003, Cifte 12AU7 or Mullard cv4003. Or something else? Thank you in advance.

I have tried some of those in my Dialogue Premium integrated .

The Cifte's were rather boring and uneventful . A friend of mine tried them in his Ayon and didn't find them pleasing either .

The Amprex were an improvement in all directions . Nice bass , air , bounce and musicality . My second favorite input tube .

For less money , the RCA Cleartops come close to the Amperex's and actually do better with voices .

The CBS will favor female singers with slow jazz . Very accurate but not as musical as the Amperex and RCA .

My favorite is another Dutch tube , the 7316 . A step above the Amperex with the inclusion of the RCA voice aspect . Just an all around winner , for me ! The earlier production the better and probably the most expensive .

My integrated has 6 input tubes as does your preamp . I found that changing just the front two tubes , on each side , was enough for the desired change . I leave the rear 12AU7 on each side stock , the Primaluna . I did not note a discernible improvement by changing these rear tubes .

Now , a word of caution with these tubes that I like . I have very neutral speakers , Reference 3a Di Capo i's . So I prefer a warmer tone that what you may desire with your Harbeth's which tend to be a bit warmer .

Maybe try the RCA's , which are cheaper than the Amperex and 7316 to see how they work in your situation , they are still a nice tube .

Good Luck  

RCA 12AU7 Blackplates have a classic tube sound. Warm, open, good soundstaging with smooth highs.
The RCA 5963 Blackplate is a premium tube that has better dynamics with more air up top.
Very interesting thread as I am looking for a set of warmish tubes Saki for my Dialogue Premium integrated. I found the stock EL34 power tubes to be very nice however I wanted a little more drive so I put in some KT120's. I like them very much however I found a little more glare at the upper midrange so I want to tame that down somewhat. I spoke with Kevin Deal but very briefly and described the differences between the EL34 and KT120.  I am hearing more into the music with the KT120's no doubt and the soundstage has seemed to open up. Lowrider what have you used the RCA BP in?
I used RCA 12AX7 BPs in a Jolida and 12AU7's in a Rogue pre. The Rogue is very neutral, not like a PrimaLuna. BPs take away any harshness.
True the Rogue is very neutral as I had a Tempest 2. Also have experience with Jolida products (preamp, amp and CD player). Matter of fact I ran some GE triple mica black plate 5751's in the CD player and preamp.


The Primaluna EL-34's are indeed a nice tube . I also have tried the KT-120's and found them to be good at the extremes but a little shy in the mids . I finally settled on some Black Treasure 6CA7's from Shuguang . Quite a nice tube after break-in . Warm , extended ,nice mids , detailed and musical . They go with the 7316's  nicely . This combination will give you the warmth that you seek .

Good Luck

Second Saki70. Love Black Treasure 6CA7’s, the Amperex Bugle Boy 12au7 and Sylvania 12ax7 or Sylvania 5751 3 Mica Blackplates. The RCA Clear Tops also good. This week I am putting up for sale these tubes. Great Nos on the Amperex, RCA, Sylvania since I sold my Primaluna this past week. Plus I have tested strong used same brands. Best, Rob
Saki do you think the Black Treasures are that impressive compared to the PL EL34? Stupid question but what is the difference between the EL34 and 6CA7?  Also not trying to hijack this thread but I think its on par with his original question or at least I hope so :)
I would be interested in the RCA Clear Tops. Amperex I'm not so sure because they are sky high and not sure if they are worth the money to be honest. Joe Tubes Lore wasn't a huge fan. However I'm sure they work well in some applications :)
I use Joe's Tube Lore as a touchstone; it is outstanding work by Joe and I agree with most of his listening experience. As always, room, rig, taste will determine what one settles on...the RCA Clear Tops in my Primaluna were very good, just not as good as Amperex in this case, but still a quality tube, better to my ears than Primaluna stock tubes. A good bargain NOS tube is Telefunken clone, labeled Ei, built in/on the same Telefunken machinery by Ei; also NOS not made any longer. I have those as well. NOS and used, but test as NOS. Best, Rob

samzx12 ;

If I remember correctly , and that is a decent sized if , the 6CA7 is the American

version of the European EL-34 tube . You can find a 6CA7 made in America at some of the tube retailors on the net . I have no experience with any of the American versions so I can not tell you if the Black Treasure's are that much better , from my personal experience . But what I could find out from others , they

are . 

Happy Tunes 

Mikirob message me sometime and let me know exactly what you will have for sale and prices please. 

Saki thanks for your thoughts. 
The Black Treasure 6CA7 much, much better than stock EL34 in Primaluna.