Primaluna or not Primaluna


I have been hesitated some time now between buying new speakers or a new amplifier and have decided I will buy a new amplifier.

My list of demands:
It will take EL34, KT77, KT88 and 6550. Bonus if it takes KT120.
It will give at least 35 w with EL34 and 45 w with KT88.
It will have easy biasing using a screwdriver and with somekind of build in meter. In worst case autobiase will do.
It will use tube rectification and not solid state rectification (because I have heard solid state rectification takes away the tube sound).
It will not cost more than aprox $4000.

I have had a Line Magnetic LM-34IA once but had to much problems with the quality (bad solderings and bad balance between left and right).
First I thought it sounded quite good, but after have heard a Audion Audio Stirling EL34 SET amplifier I changed my mind. Now the LM-34AI sounded just OK.
I was told that Stirling EL34, with 12 w should be enough for listening at normal volumes with my 89dB speakers. But it was not. So here I am…
(And yes I know; a push-pull amp will never sound as a SET amp).

I have read about several amplifiers but none of them seems to fit my demands.

Here are my notes:
Line Magnetic LM-88IA   -   Just KT88. Bad experience with LM, both quality and sound.
Audio Research I/50   -   Just 6550 tubes. Too much hassle when adjusting bias.
Rogue Cronus Magnum III   -   Very mixed opinions. Solid state rectification.
Raven Blackhawk Mk 3.1   -   Just 6L6 tubes. Have to be imported from the US.
Tsakiridis Aelos Plus   -  Just KT88 tubes.
Fezz Silver Luna Prestige   -   Just EL34 tubes.
Fezz Titania   -   Just KT120 tubes (and maybe KT150 and KT170 too).
Cary SLI-80HS   -   Many bad opinions. Solid state rectification.
Jadis   -   Either too weak or too expencive.
Primaluna   -   ???

What makes me a little ”worried” is that Primaluna has so many build in features which are supposed to make my life as a tube amplifier owner easier.
I mean, doesn’t these fetures affect the sound? ”Less is more”?


If you have any thoughts or experience about this, please let me know.



I have actually found a used pair Quicksilver Mid Mono for $1000. Seller says it has a led light that should glow when you have got the bias right. But then it can just optomise one type of tubes, EL34 i suppose. 
How does this work with KT88?

Tannoys are unique speakers. Not a lot of tannoy fans here. My guess is your speakers need some power to sound their best and you might get some ideas at a dedicated tannoy forum. I would generally agree that PL would work but won’t give you the wow factor, while the flea watt amps won’t have enough power. That means perhaps higher cost more powerful tube amp like a 300 b or the higher option at decware 

Simna, sorry for the late reply I just saw this. My mid monos are older so my biasing needs to be done with a multimeter. This is not hard to do at all but an LED light would make it infinitely easier. When I first bought them I actually asked Mike Sanders this very question and he replied that the biasing for all the tubes the amp can use is at the same value

Oups. Europe. Ok. More than your budget (maybe used?) but a FELIKS AUDIO ARIOSO 300B INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER will be the cat’s pyjamas. Maybe help finance by selling all your tubes. Seriously. 

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