Primaluna :Prologue 1 or 2

I was wondering if anyone has ABed the Prologue 1 with the 2. I see stereophile picks the 1 in it's recommended list. Any thoughts on the differences sonically or practically?
You'll get a little deeper bass extension and authority with the ProLogue Two, and perhaps a bit more detail, too. The ProLogue One has a lusher sound from top to bottom.

I prefer the ProLogue Two because it gives me more flexibility. Replace the standard KT88's with a quad of EL34's and basically you have a ProLogue One. Of course, there are other possibilities for tube rolling as well.

As far as I know, Stereophile didn't specifically pick the One over the Two...they just happened to review the One so that's what made it to their list.

I reviewed the Two for Positive Feedback Online three years ago; you can find the review in our archives at For the record: I still have it and after three years of constant use it has been dead reliable. It's a rock-solid product.
I have had my PL2 for 5 months and I love it. Have not compared it to the 1 but did roll some EL34 tubes in it. To mushy for me, prefer the KT88's but I do have a choice. I have it hooked to B&W DM602 s3 which i hope to upgrade in a few years but sound great. I listen to an eclectic mix of music but mostly blues.