Primaluna prologue 2 based system upgrade

My modest first hifi system

Rega p3/24 ttpsu
Primaluna prologue 2 with built in phono and tube upgrade already.
Speakers MA RX6 + Basic Van Den Hul speaker cables.

Main concerns are the speakers, they dont disapear from the system, they are 6ohm and cant really find a sweet spot for these on the 4 or 8 ohm taps of the amp. Maybe something more tube friendly that will be a better match with the amp. I dont need lots of bass and the RX6 are a bit boomy to my taste, maybe its because the amp is just 40w...Better Imaging, something more suited for acoustic instruments and vocals just were the primaluna really shine!

Also will i get any benefit with power gear: wall outlets, power bar, power cord. Lots of people say its the first place to start while building a system but im a bit of an unbeliever and think its BS (no offense to anyone).

Also any advice on a decent sounding DAC, I just got back to vinyl and my record collection is a joke compared to whats on my hard drives...I think itll be handy to let the music flow through a playlist from time to time.

Thanks for the answer

I did try some new production klipsch you can buy almost everywhere and i didnt like that sound, the Heresey are something in another league? Did also tried some big jbl with horn that were playing nice but not with my amp, music etc... so its hard to do any comparison this way.

Yes my speaker are in phase, the roome is 24x16 and im doing a reconfig of the room actually so i will only be able to try this in one or two weeks when everything will be in the right place. My speakers are 2 1/2 feet from the wall right now.

Ouch a new amp already! I tought i had a good one...The thing is i want something ptp built, less pcb possible in the circuit, are those other amps built the same way? I always buy used, i simply cant afford that type of stuff new and its more handy when you try to move some gear!
Hi Slapbackecho - yes, the Klipsch Heritage series are the older ones, MUCH better than the new stuff they make today for home theater. Do not confuse/judge the older line by the newer ones, which are made for a very different purpose and sound nothing like the Heritage line! I use a pair of Cornwall IIs, made in 89, I think, which are quite a bit bigger than the Heresey's. There are some other models in between (Chorus is one), as well as even larger models (La Scala, and their famous Klipschorn, which is the speaker that has been in continuous production for the longest period of time, which tells you something about it's quality). They are designed to match very well with lower-powered tube amps such as the PrimaLuna (and even lower wattage amps). I use a Dialogue 2 with my Cornwalls, and it is a very nice combination.
From my experience I have found electronics have everything to do with speakers disappearing and your system will never perform to your satisfaction without the the right electronics.
Try a pair of Reference 3A mm de capo speakers. I have them paired to a Prologue One and think the synergy is top notch. You get full imaging and the 'disappearing speaker' effect. Placement is critical and room acoustics have to be good, but if you get all that dialed in, you will be very happy.
Why not call ZU Audio and ask Sean what speakers they make would be a good match for your Prima Luna amp? These guys love tubes and most of their speakers are 98db+ efficient. This may be a good starting place for you.