Primaluna prologue 2 based system upgrade

My modest first hifi system

Rega p3/24 ttpsu
Primaluna prologue 2 with built in phono and tube upgrade already.
Speakers MA RX6 + Basic Van Den Hul speaker cables.

Main concerns are the speakers, they dont disapear from the system, they are 6ohm and cant really find a sweet spot for these on the 4 or 8 ohm taps of the amp. Maybe something more tube friendly that will be a better match with the amp. I dont need lots of bass and the RX6 are a bit boomy to my taste, maybe its because the amp is just 40w...Better Imaging, something more suited for acoustic instruments and vocals just were the primaluna really shine!

Also will i get any benefit with power gear: wall outlets, power bar, power cord. Lots of people say its the first place to start while building a system but im a bit of an unbeliever and think its BS (no offense to anyone).

Also any advice on a decent sounding DAC, I just got back to vinyl and my record collection is a joke compared to whats on my hard drives...I think itll be handy to let the music flow through a playlist from time to time.

I forgot to mention that I had an electrician run a dedicated circuit for it. That's a very, very big deal. If your wife is blow drying her hair on the same circuit, that's not good.
"thanks for the answers.

Ill try to stick with the primaluna"

This approach is backwards.
Hey Rrog, no its at worst standing still! ;) The thing is if i gotta change the speakers and the amp, dang! Im changing the entire system except the table which is harder to do these days, things moves slowly...
Thanks Donjr, interesting that not all cables make a difference and the idea of a dedicated cicruit for the tv and hifi seems to be a good idea ive already experienced sound degradation when other electric components were on in the house. Also it always sounds better later in the evening and at night if my ears dont play tricks on me...

Hey Evank I tought the diffrence in ohm would have make the zu audio impossible to drive by the primaluna, something i would have to try before i buy for sure.