PrimaLuna ProLogue One versus Two

Anyone directly compared these two amps (with stock tubes)? What are the differences, particularly in the mids and highs?
Paul, I look forward to your thoughts on your new tubes once you get a chance to listen and respond.

As for the KT88 vs. EL34, the EL34 are Svetlana's, and yes they are smoother. I'm not sure how much 'punch' they lose vs. the KT's, but I am hoping to comment on them more thoroughly in the near future.

I've had the EL34's in the Prologue Two for the past two weeks, and I'm ready to switch back to the KT88's again to hear the differences between them. I like to have some time for both the tubes to 'break in' and also time to acclimate myself to their presentaion vs. A/B'ing them in one listening session. I'll post my thoughts after I spend some more time with each in 'my system'. I'll be sure to notify you when I do.

As for the dedicated circuit, my father and I worked on that. My father was a building equipment manager for Bell Atlantic his whole career before retiring, so he is very handy to have around for those types of projects. I terminated the circuit with a PS Audio Power Port (cost-$50), and the cabling was maybe $25? For $75 and the time invested, it was WELL worth it! If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself and end up paying someone else, your probably still under $200, and at that price it is still a very worthwhile tweak!

Just a quick comment on the PrimaLuna ProLogue Two. I borrowed it from a friend and have been listening now for about three weeks. Its a terrific intergrated,smooth sounding....never tiring.Hats of to Kevin Deal at have an excellent product. And at its price...hard to beat.For people looking for an excellent,compact intergrated amp....check this one out first !!!
Hey guys while we are on the topic of the 2. I have been recommended this unit for my shanling modded cdt100 cd player to run with my martin logan ascents.Anyone have any experience with the ascents, is it powerful enough to drive the bottom end as well.I tried an original mc275 and found it to be too bright with the logans so i am looking for a good match.Any help would be much appreciated.
Fellow Primaluna owners. I have the PL One. I happened to win a audiophile aps 700 ac power regenerator. I wasn't expecting much but I figured, what the heck, it's free, and it probably can't hurt having clean power so I hooked it up. After a day of use I am very impressed. The bass in particular is much more dynamic and with more punch. It is now very close to the bass I was getting out of the Krell integrated I was using. The highs sound more natural without any shimmer. Overall it's a very nice improvement over what I felt was pretty awesome sound from my system. It's a pretty expensive item, given the cost of the PL's, but my experience with this type of product has been very positive in case any one else here ever wondered about these things.