PrimaLuna Prologue Two ???

I have just bought a PrimaLuna Prologue Two amply. Now I’m finding a speaker which its price about 500 to 1000 USD (the secondhand).
Could you show me which model suitable for that price and the PP2 most?
My listening room is 12m2 (12 metres square) and not have been soundproofed.
Vienna acoustic Hayhd Grand or Tannoy is right?
Thank you very much
I think that you will be very happy with the VA Haydn Grand and the Prima Luna PL2.

I have been using the PL2 and PL5 (with a Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24) for the last 6 years with a number of speakers. The speakers I have liked the best are Opera Platea floorstanders (Opera speakers are similar in sound to Vienna Acoustics), Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 monitors, and Omega Super 3i monitors.

The Opera speakers present a warmer, full sound that is especially pleasing with vocals.

You can also change the sound of the PL2 a bit by trying EL34, 6550, and KT-88 tubes.

I've had great success with a pair of Totem Arros. Right in your price range for used ones. Good luck with your search.