Primaluna signal tube replacement

I need to replace my small signal tubes in my 2 year old Dialogue Premium.  The 2 middle tubes are good.  I had replaced those with GL 12au7.   The outer tubes are stock Primaluna.   Left channel got “scratchy” and I replaced with some backups. 
Do I go cheap? Doesn’t affect audio quality,,right?  Or pay more for longevity?  Love the amp and it’s on a lot.  Thanks for your advice. 


The 2 innermost (gain)are the slots to fuss with.

The other 4 slots arguably are fine with whatever brand you choose. Any  " SQ improvement" is subtle at best- more so than changing the 2 gain tubes.

2 years seems a little early to change out preamp tubes(other than an apparent fail), even with lots of use.

PL HP user here.

Hey thanks for that.  I swapped speaker cables and the scratchy moved with it.  My spares were Primaluna and the noise vanished.  So,, replace my spares now.  Voodoo



"My spares were Primaluna and the noise vanished"

Sometimes, merely re seating the tube in the socket cures

noise. The suspect tube may still be good.

I own a PL DiaLogue Premium Integrated that's about 7 years old. It's in daily use  2 to 4 hours per day.  Several months ago the a couple of the 12au7 tubes became noisy, and I decided to replace all six (6) of them.  I went with General Electric JAN stock from Upscale Audio - and opted for premium grade a/k/a "Kevin's Stash."  They've been wonderful - dead quiet. Not cheap but well worth the money, as far as I'm concerned.