Primaluna signal tube replacement

I need to replace my small signal tubes in my 2 year old Dialogue Premium.  The 2 middle tubes are good.  I had replaced those with GL 12au7.   The outer tubes are stock Primaluna.   Left channel got “scratchy” and I replaced with some backups. 
Do I go cheap? Doesn’t affect audio quality,,right?  Or pay more for longevity?  Love the amp and it’s on a lot.  Thanks for your advice. 


I own a PL DiaLogue Premium Integrated that's about 7 years old. It's in daily use  2 to 4 hours per day.  Several months ago the a couple of the 12au7 tubes became noisy, and I decided to replace all six (6) of them.  I went with General Electric JAN stock from Upscale Audio - and opted for premium grade a/k/a "Kevin's Stash."  They've been wonderful - dead quiet. Not cheap but well worth the money, as far as I'm concerned.

I bought some of “Kevin’s stash” tubes for my Mac preamp mc phono stage.  They are so quiet, it’s scary. Well worth the money. 

Primaluna’s stock tubes in the outer positions are fine. I have been running vintage Amperex "Bugle Boys" in the gain positions with great results. On the power amp I run A-matched EL-34's from Sophia Electric - also outstanding.

All great advice. Thanks.  Especially the “reseating” comment.  I think I’ll work the originals back into those slots and see what happens.  I tend to overlook the simple stuff sometimes.  I sure love this amp.  

I would replace all the stock 12AU7s with NOS or UOS RCA or GE tubes. 

and you can sub in the 5814As which are electrically the same but are lower noise tubes. Have owned 7 of the PL amps. One of the biggest improvements I got was pulling all 6 of the input tubes and replacing with RCAs. They are not expensive either, tons and tons of 12AU7 and their variants were made.