I’m thinking about giving a full tube setup a go and Primaluna in particular.  Looking to hear people’s experiences with Primaluna in general. My main draw to them outside of tubes is there auto bias and protective features.  Wondering if people generally replace a single bad tube or if people are replacing all tubes of that type when there’s a failure.  Also would be interested if there were any other companies with at least a similar protective feature. The auto bias sounds great but the protective features are a bigger deal to me.  

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Winner of the Prestigious German Plus X award for Design, Innovation and Performance. Yes, there is a lot of wood there. Can you see it? Plus PL does not even operate at pure class A.

The Opera Consonance Cyber100-20 running 4 KT-88s is a closer comparable to something like the Evo 200i. To be fair, it's about a grand less expensive not factoring in shipping ($200 on the low side-and $400 Covid rates).


Yes it puts out a lot heat, but that’s the cost of 48 watts of SET magic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Heat factor might be a issue for some folks. But the trade off is worth it, Just find a way to add a fan or AC. DHT’s are the real deal. I know when I get KT90’s in my Defy it will give the big DHT’s a run for their money, 88’s are too **bloomy** in midrange for my FR MIDRANGE speakers. PL are made in same plant as Cayin, which is well known for super quality, craftmanship/sonics. I bought a older model PL linestage, Prologue 3, (??) had like 6 12AU7’s, my fav pre tube.. I did not do a long testing, as i found the sound a bit *unusual*. I quickly returned to seller with my generous 20% restock fee, + I paid ship both ways. Out like $500++ but at least I did not have to keep it. all AU’s in a linestage is not the right design. There has to be some AX’s to make a linestage sound correct. So PL droped the ball on that model,,luckily they droped that model. . Cayin IMHO is slightly superior to PL. PL does not offer any DHT models. = cancel PL. My interested has shifted totally away from KT amplifiers. The DHT’s offer a nuance in midrange that holds my interest.

KT vs DHT, both very close, but my vote goes DHT.


~~~~~If you have xover low sensitivity speakers, you can not use a DHT. You will miss that DHT magic.

Good grief @mozartfan have you heard a preamp stage with 6sn7’s? Then how can you state unequivocally that 12ax7/12au7 is the superior preamp tube topology? There are so many circuits….you just cant make that statement.