pro-ject speed box 2 , all they say it is ?

i recently purchased a new pro-ject perspective 2 carbon. so far im really loving it. ive read a few reviews saying the speed box makes a great improvement to the sound of the pro-ject tables , though on paper i dont see how it would. ive got pretty clean power, i dont own any 45,s and i like a less cluttered system. and that little silver box would stick out like a sore thumb. but if a 120.00 gadget really does improve the sound that much ill do it. anybody thats tried it please advise, thanks
I am using the MMF version of the Speedbox on my Oracle Delphi III and it is an improvement over the power supply that comes with the Oracle. It can be used on any table that uses a 12-16vac power supply.
The Speedbox has a maximum output of around 3 watts I believe; the Lenco motor looks substantially larger than a typical 3 watt motor.
Lenco motor requires around 15-18W, IIRC. You are correct. Not to mention that if the Speedbox is designed for an AC synchronous motor, the Lenco motor is not of that ilk.
I have the speedbox 2 also and I notice a cleaner fuller sound but I think that comes from its ability to clean up the sine wave in the power so it has a good clean place to start. Since this thread is pretty old you have either decided to get one or you have decided against it. Bottom line, I love mine, seems like a lot of people like theirs. Question is, did you buy one and what do you think?