Pro-Silway or TruthLink

I have Rega25 table Grado Plat.cart Rogue99 preamp Dynaco ST-70 amp Paradigm Studio-80 speakers.Which interconnects would be best.I want transparency and detail.Is my system good enough for the prosilways?I have Tara Space and time speaker cables bi-wired. Currently using kimber PBJs Thanks all
Hi, Haven't tried the Truthlinks, but I have been running a Pro Silway mkII between my GT/Belles amps and a GT preamp. I've switched off between a Kimber KCAG and a Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 connecting the EC EMC-1 cdp to the preamp. Yesterday, I moved the KCAG and PS mkII around and began to hear deeper into the music. I heard some things, such as a subtle grunt by a musician, that I hadn't heard with the KCAGs in there. I thought that maybe I gave up some spakle to the pure silver cables, when using the HT wire on the source, but there could be some more details coming through. It's only been half a day. I'm looking for a second HT wire to complement the first pair and then want to run it between the amp/preamp. I'd imagine that the PS mkII adds more clarity and detail than the Truthlink. It's got some silver in, but it's not a pure ag cable. I don't think that you can go wrong with either cable. Chris
You can always benefit from better cables, no matter what, unless you're trying to use them as tone controls. If you can afford them go with the Pro-Silways, this way your cables won't become obsolete the next time you upgrade your system. rgds, david k.