Proac 3.8's vs Spendor SP100's

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had both of these in a similar system.
I am using 3.8's at the moment but for various reasons the SP100s are of interest to me. The 3.8's are really quite good and I can't say I'm looking for a better loudspeaker but a front ported stand design may suit my home better. I've heard the SP100's in a different system and liked what I heard but am not sure if it would be a step backwards.
Any input would be greatly appreciated
I owned the SP100's and extensively auditioned the 3.8's. The SP 100 is a fantastic speaker very much in the BBC monitor tradition. The 3.8's have a more immediate and full bodied presentation while the Spendor's tend to lay back. If you are thinking of the SP100 I'd suggest you consider the Harbeth Monitor 40 which is considerably better--higher resolution, more transparent, faster and more immediate--kinda like the best of what the 3.8 and SP100 have to offer. In any case all are really good designs that will give you a very musical and enjoyable system.
Contact Vu at Deja Vu Audio, he carries both lines and can give you an honest perspective.
the sp100 is a great speaker, but the proac 3.8 lacks nothing. balanced, dynamic(when there are dynamics), and reasonably deep bass. it also fares well with tubes or ss, where the harbeth and spendor do perform better with ss.
They are roughly equal in overall quality. The Harbeth is more accurate than either, but some people will still prefer the Spendor or the ProAc. I say you can't really go wrong with any of these choices. The Spendor is the most forgiving of the three.
Thanks for the responses, I guess I'll give both a listen in my own room to be sure but I appreciate your comments on this.