Proac D40R or Monitor Audio Platinum II 500

Hi to all of you,
I have the Proac D40R (of which I am very happy) but I have the possibility to have the MonitorAudio Platinum II 500 (don't consider the price: it will be a gift for me).
My question is this: Will I improve by replacing my ProAc? I realize that these are two different segments ...
P.S. - in the past I already had MonitorAudio and I liked it.
Thanks to anyone who wants to answer and help me.

Grazie per aver contribuito. Ho sostituito il platino 300 con il mio proac d40r (li hai ascoltati?). La mia domanda è solo per il platino 500 ...
Grazie ancora
Thanks for contributing. I replaced the platinum 300 with my proac d40r (did you listen to them?). My question is only for platinum 500 ...
Thanks again
Check out the WHITECAMAROSS thread, he had the PL500s in his rig for awhile. He seemed to really like them, but like everything else he has ever loved, hated or felt ambivalent about, he sold them to chase the next thing. I can only imagine the system I could put together with the money he’s lost constantly switching out gear.
OK, I’ll chime in here, even though I know nothing about your room, listening tastes, etc. I have auditioned the PL500 & have listened to your Proacs (and the newer big Proacs as well). As you know, these are very different speakers—physically as well as sonically.
a) The Monitors are large and need a lot more real-estate than your Proacs
b) you will probably find the Monitor tweet a bit hot on some frequencies (6-8kHz?) and less natural than the ribbon on yr Proacs
c) the Monitors have more authority and provide more volume (not amplitude) than your Proacs (no surprise) and if you listen to large orchestras, the Monitors will give a better sense of scale; bass reproduction is of course much bolder.
d) the Monitors are euphonic, pleasant, while your Proacs retain some "mastering" dynamics i.e. the Proacs will probably sound slightly more dynamic to you.
Overall, the PL500 are much more imposing than your Proacs, physically & sonically, but their sonic signature is different—you’d probably call it "more polite" by comparison.

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