Proac Tablette - which version is best at imaging?

I've read that the Proac Tablette is one of the best imaging speaker.  I really like depth and imaging like I've heard before with some of the original Audio Physic speakers.

There are a lot of Proac Tablette versions throughout the years - which is the best at imaging and disappearing?
I wouldn’t say earlier versions of the Tablette are brighter. Rather, the older tweeters were somewhat less forgiving of anything less than a pure signal. Solid state/digital artifacts would not be softened/rounded by the older uber transparent Scanspeak tweeters.Newer versions would ring less.  But feed any ProAc Response series or Tablette speaker really good input they will sing with stunning realism. You should know that Stewart Tyler voices all ProAcs with Audio Research tube amplification.
Thanks for your insights JJss49. This helps me w/ my Proac decision. The Tablet 10 has 10 ohm impedance which should be an easy load for my 40 watt tube integrated.
Having owned the Proac Tablette 50 Signature for a short period about 13 years ago if not more, I would be more inclined to go with the latest Tablette 10 or 10 Signature which I read is very good and balanced when used in small rooms. The sole reason I didn’t hang on to the Tablette 50 Signature is they sounded too thin, lean and bright to my ears. The brightness is not a harsh and metallic treble but a tonality that is excessively lit. Instruments and percussion don’t sound like the real thing through the speakers due to the bright or lit tonality. Nevertheless the 3D imaging and airiness of the Proac are superb as they truly image like crazy when other speakers sound more 2-dimensional.
I agree with ryder, and would add that the response series 1 and 2 were also the most holographic that I ever heard. I owned the Response 1S.
I have owned a few and they are all really good at imaging but the Tablettte 10 that I own now are fundamentally different.  The new one is sealed versus all of the old ones are ported.  The new ones are nearly identical in size and shape to LS3/5a.  The Tab10 has the incredible midrange of the LS3/5a without the odd mid bass hump and the Tab10 is vastly more dynamic.  It is not as meaty sounding as a KEF LS50 or as airy as a Harbeth P3, but definitely is one of the great UK super minis.

The old Tabs could sound a bit tipped up in the treble (but not bright) and the Signature models could sound a bit lean and fast. 

For any Tab, choose an amp and sources on the warm side of neutral.  Tubes are great for this speaker as are big warm but detailed solid state amps.