Probable PayPal Claim


I posted this question on someone else’s ongoing thread where PayPal was in question. So I’m starting my own thread here in hopes of getting someone in the know to answer.

Fortunately I have not had a PayPal problem up until maybe now. I just purchased a DAC on USAM . Paid using PayPal (not f&f) so I’d have protection in case I needed it. Well it looks like I may. DAC arrived and all functions do not work, as advertised. It was properly packed same as it came from the factory and box was perfect so very unlikely it could be blamed as shipping damage. It was listed 10/10 and the seller through presale emails reconfirmed everything worked properly. I’ve demanded he take the unit back and give me a full refund. It’s been several days and now the seller is saying he’s waiting to get authorization to send it back to the manufacturer for warranty repairs, which is not my problem, before he refunds my money. I’ve run out of patience and considering filing a PayPal claim. If I file a claim, and can substantiate it, which I can, does anyone know if PayPal will refund my money or at least freeze the funds until we reach a resolution?


I have only ever had to file a claim once against a seller and the process was quick and painless. PayPal has an accrual account for just these types of issues, under a certain threshold. If the seller has moved the funds and is issued a chargeback and do not fund it they will be banished and PayPal can take legal action. 

I always purchased through PayPal with AMEX. If I ever had an issue I filed it with AMEX. AMEX will then file a charge back with PayPal.

PayPal and their claims department is completely unreliable. Occasionally they rule on your behalf, occasionally they don’t. See my point? If you pay with AMEX they instantly credit your card and you then return it. I’m not fooling around with someone who doesn’t want to take responsibility for selling bad goods. AMEX, don’t leave home without it. 

I know that everyone has been on pins and needles waiting to see what happened :-).  So I'm very happy to report that just this evening I finally recieved the last of what was owed me by the seller for a full refund including the additional shipping that I paid to send the unit in for warranty repairs for the seller.  It took some persistence but its finally over.  I said I would name names once things were over so here goes.  The DAC in question was a Denafrips Terminator Plus.  The problem was the LED display for one of the frequencies did not light.  As it turned out a little bit of debris has shorted the contact.  Most likely happened when the prior owner popped the top for a firm ware upgrade.  The factory service center fixed it under warranty the same day it arrived.  I can't say enough about Vinshine and their stateside service center.  Its absolutely the best service I've ever recieved for audio repairs EVER.  Alvin, Vincent and Todd (the service tech) are wonderful people to deal with.  And you could say that I really wasn't even the "real" owner.  At least the warranty was not in my name.  If you're thinking about purchasing a Denafrips product and somewhat leary of what might happen if you ever needed service, fret not.  Vinshine and Denafrips provide absolutley first class service here in the USA.  No need to send back to China.  Regarding the seller, even though it took some "gentle persuasion" he finally came through.  Of course it didn't hurt that my attorney brother-in-law lived in the next state over. But I guess there's always two sides to every story, so under the circumstances I don't see a need to name names in this case.  I've definitely learned a lesson though.  No more used gear.  At least not til I find a deal I can't refuse😎.  Thanks again to all who offered advise.  It's nice to have a community like A'gon whose shoulders are there to cry upon when needed.

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